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What Are Some Simple Tips For Maintaining And Cleaning Mats?

It is essential to clean your mats regularly, which are placed in commercial spaces, homes, and building entries. It will keep them new and well-maintained for a long time. If you want to keep your floor mats working well, you have to de-clog them, wash them, and keep them shaking and dusting from time to time. This cleaning activity becomes more critical when your mats are placed out of the healthcare and hospitality facilities. Recently, we have seen that various dangerous viruses can spread quickly and create great havoc among the wider public. Mats with clogged dirt, greasy substance, and any wetness can be a safe breeding haven for such viruses. Moreover, the mud stuck inside the mat gets rot which gives rise to various fungal projections. All these complications make mat cleaning all the more necessary.

Some Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Mats Easily

Keeping your mats clean is not a big deal if you follow some simple tips. Then, it will be easy for you to deal with the cleaning issues using easy methods. This blog will show you how to keep your mats clean and keep them new for a long time. So let’s get to work now!

Wash Mats From Time To Time:

If you have washable mats, there are two ways to keep them clean. The first way is to wash them in a domestic or commercial machine. The second is to hose and dry them, being the most feasible, easiest, and not to mention cheapest option. But before you wash them, ensure that your entrance mat is washable. If you wash a mat that is incompatible with the washing, it can spoil. Ask your dealer about the cleaning instructions for the mat, and only then take further steps.

Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners:

Use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner at least at regular intervals to suck and wash out all the dirt of the mats stuck in the carpet. Although this tip is only feasible in commercial and industrial settings, if you have the availability of vacuum cleaners, then you can use them to keep your mats clean. A wet-dry cleaner will be best to get the most stuck debris and dust particles out of the mats. After the whole process, you pile the mat clean.

Wet Pick-Up Carpet Cleaner:

Use a carpet cleaner to clean out all the dust and debris collected inside the mat. A carpet cleaner gives you deep cleaning and complete removal of dirt and debris collected inside the mat. Like wet and dry vacuum cleaning, it is also an easy and effective way to wash your mats thoroughly. This superb wet pick-up is perfect for cleaning entrance mats placed inside.

Regular Vacuum During House Chorus:

A daily vacuum is ideal for keeping your mats well-maintained. It will be adequate for mats trodden with low to medium foot traffic. But if your mats experience high foot traffic, they will require deep cleaning and washing. You must carry them out to dust them and clean them deeply using high-pressure vacuum cleaners.

Moping With The Damp Cloth:

This method is most fitting for rubber mats, especially those placed in kitchens and bars. When cleaning daily, mop over or damp wipe the mats simultaneously. Again take suggestions from your supplier on what chemicals can be used and that they won’t damage or break down the rubber. Alternatively, you can take the items outside, hose them down, and spread them to dry, similar to the damp cloth/ mop down.

Shake And Shuffle Out The Mat:

Shake and shuffle out the mat daily when you are doing the chore. It is a straightforward way to maintain the small mats. It works well for areas with light foot traffic. It can be comingled well with daily vacuum cleaning. Therefore a quick vacuum will refresh carpets and mats and remove the pile plusher and fuller once shaken. Also, remember when you are shaking your mat, make sure to shake it over wet grass or outside of your living space so that it cannot enter it again.

Pop mats in the machines:

Domestic mats could be popped into the washing machine if the weight is light enough. However, if the weight is too heavy, there are chances that it can damage your washer, in case it’s a runner mat with disproportionally big dimensions. Therefore, it would be best for you that the carpet you are washing with the domestic machine is light and modern. On the other hand, if the mat is large, then a vacuum cleaner and hose will be the right option for removing all the debris and dirt from the mat.


Your entryways experience the most traffic on the building premises. So, make sure that your entry matting system is properly maintained. It will save you money and time and improve the safety of the people in your structure. Commercial entry mats should be cleaned and dusted at least once daily; nevertheless, the frequency will ultimately rely on the traffic level and soil piling. Mats in entryways with a lot of traffic or areas with excess soil buildup will require cleaning more than once a day. A good cleaning and wiping of the building will keep your mats clean for a long time.


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